FAQ- Do you have a car accident lawyer near me?

With offices throughout the state by appointment, it is likely that we have a car accident lawyer near you . Our law firm handles car accident cases throughout the State of Texas and nationally.

We have offices in Corpus Christi (principal), Victoria, Port Lavaca, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Edinburg, Waco, Laredo and El Paso ready to help you resolve your serious car accident case.

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Experienced Car Wreck Lawyers Near You

Our law firm has been in existence for two decades and we have handled thousands of car wreck cases and can help you in your area. Our experienced case managers can help you get to the doctor, get you into a rental (if on your policy) and make your property damage claim so you can get back to driving.

When your injury claim is ready to be settled our tenacious and experienced prelitigation staff and attorneys are there to maximize the award and compensation that you get on your car wreck claim.

Call our office today for a free initial consultation and find a best car wreck lawyer near you today.

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