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Burns are graded in increasing order of severity from 1st degree to 4th degree. First-degree burns are superficial and cause the least discomfort. They can be equated to simple sunburn and usually do not require hospitalization. Second-degree burn injuries can affect the inner layers of skin and may require skin grafts. Scarring may occur. They cause more pain and discomfort. Third-degree burns destroy the superficial skin layer, known as the epidermis, and the nerves underneath. Such burns can severely damage the dermis that lies beneath the epidermis. Third-degree burn victims feel comparatively less pain because the nerves get destroyed. However, they require extensive surgery, skin grafts, and can prove fatal. Fourth-degree burns affect the hypodermis that lies beneath the dermis and may even burn bone. Hypovolemic shock and seizures can follow. These burns can lead to amputations and permanent disfigurement.

Common causes of burns include accidents at the workplace, car accidents, electrical burns, chemical burns, and malfunctioning products.

A catastrophic injury lawsuit involving burns is a complex proposition. The injuries are often very severe and involve lengthy treatment and rehabilitation. If you believe that you have a chance at gaining compensation, then you should consider a lawyer who can present your case such that you are awarded appropriate compensation; in the case of burns, this amount is often signification. This means that the party being sued is going to try extra hard to avoid paying up. The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. have lawyers with the necessary qualifications and experience in handling burns cases. It is our responsibility to impress the jury about the value of your claim and the seriousness of your injury; mediate, where necessary; observe the rules of the court; and ensure that the statue of limitations does not become an impediment. Get in touch for an initial appraisal of your case.

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