What is the phone number of Alex Hernandez Lawyer?


There are a lot of different phone numbers for Alex Hernandez Lawyer but the main number is the principal office number that number is 361-792-3811.  Because the firm has different locations there are phone numbers for each local office but by calling the main phone number you will be connected to the staff for Alex R. Hernandez Jr. the staff members in charge you should discuss your matter with are Barbara Montez for initial legal issues, Joe Navarro for general questions, Melba Savoy for criminal defense issues, Christina Philen for litigation matters and to send a message directly to Mr. Hernandez, Roxanna Hernandez for car wreck matters, Ida Rendon for personal injury litigation matters. If you speak to anyone else other than these people you may not be speaking with the law firm’s personnel and may discussing your case with our intake department who relay messages.

If you need to speak directly to Mr. Hernandez about your case feel free to call the main number to schedule a phone conference call.  You can also come in to speak with Mr. Hernandez face to face or any one of the above main department heads for your personal legal experience with our law firm.

We appreciate the confidence you give in our law firm we look forward to helping you with your legal matter.

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