Business Reorganization Attorneys

Business restructuring and reorganizing for debt relief is a delicate and complex process. The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you keep the business running, restructure debt, secure assets and also the value of your brand.

Our lawyers are ready to help with reorganization, business disputes associated with it, liaise with debtors or creditors, and defend in cases of franchisee, franchisor, or governmental entity claims.

There are many aspects to consider when reorganizing due to a bankruptcy. Operations, real property, intellectual property, confidential property, and proprietary knowledge are assets that must be protected. Liabilities must be made more manageable. These include bond debt, secured lenders, and tax claims.

Our experience and eye for detail enables us to seek out opportunities for reducing expenses, avoiding mistakes, and getting things done right the first time. Since each reorganization is affected by a multitude of factors, we take the advice of CPAs and investment bankers to decide on a course of action best suited for your situation; these options include the choice to keep the business running or opt for a merger.

As litigators constantly working on such cases, we have a firm understanding of state and federal laws governing bankruptcy and reorganization. This knowledge is vital to ensuring compliance with the various statutes and rules pertaining to shareholder approval, antitrust, avoidance actions, finance, and environment. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy has to take into account all these factors.

We work with our client to work out a restructuring plan that takes into account past actions and also the interest of all stakeholders. We will apprise you of the risks and benefits with the available paths of action.

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