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Dangerous Intersections in Corpus Christi, TX


Intersections are designed as a way to control traffic in the safest manner possible. Unfortunately, intersections have become prime locations for vehicle collisions. With four different directions intersecting at one point, collisions, injuries, and sometimes even fatalities are likely to happen.

They would be minimized if every driver followed the traffic signals perfectly and if the intersections were well designed.

Regrettably, not everyone follows the traffic signals, or they engage in other driving behaviors that make intersections unsafe. For instance, speeding through intersections is reckless and dangerous. Also, unfortunately, not all intersections are well designed.

Five Dangerous Intersections in Corpus Christi, Texas

We’ve put together a list of some of the most dangerous intersections in Corpus Christi so you can either avoid them entirely, when possible, or use extreme caution when approaching them.

Staples Street and Holly Road

Traffic can obviously cause accidents. Also, not taking traffic signals and speed limit postings seriously could play a role in the accidents that occur at this intersection. Proceed with caution, follow all traffic signals, and drive defensively.

SPID and Airline Road

Always remember that your life is more important than getting to your destination a few minutes sooner. Be extra careful when moving through the intersection of Airline Road and S Padre Island Drive.

Staples Street and Saratoga Boulevard

It’s important to remain alert whenever you are behind the wheel. Never engage in distracted driving, but especially don’t use your cell phone while driving. Also, be on the lookout for distracted driving when you are traveling through this highly dangerous intersection.

Highway 286 and Crosstown

Entering and exiting a major highway is always a dangerous time. There are ways that the city can make highway entrances and exits safer. This could include more ramps and improving the ones already in place.

Sometimes, people are injured in accidents because of dangerous road conditions, and highway ramp access is important for drivers’ safety. Do everything you can to enter highways like Highway 286 with caution and care.

Interstate 37 and Shoreline Boulevard

The picturesque view along Shoreline Boulevard will surely be interrupted by all the traffic accidents at this intersection. While you’re taking in the scenery, be sure to remain alert when you approach this intersection. Remember, driving is serious business and should be given the proper attention it requires.

Talk with a Corpus Christi Car Accident Lawyer

Now you are aware of some of the dangerous road intersections in Corpus Christi. Hopefully you can avoid getting into a crash in these locations.

If you’ve already been involved in a vehicle collision, you might consider working with a car accident lawyer. An attorney can be a great help when filing a car accident claim in Corpus Christi. They know the laws and how to best prove your personal injury case.

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