Evenflo Car Seat Recall


Evenflo kept selling its Big Kid booster seat even after tests showed children could get severely injured or killed in a crash

Evenflo safety engineer Eric Dahle “emailed high-ranking executives to tell them that children lighter than 40 pounds would be safer in car seats that use harnesses to hold their small bodies in place,” but Evenflo decided “to keep the weight recommendation for its Big Kid booster low.” Not only did the company “sell its seats for children under 40 pounds, but Evenflo touted its Big Kid boosters…without revealing that its own tests showed a child seated in its booster could be in grave danger in such a crash.’” Evenflo could “make up its own test, and pass itself, because of a regulatory failure.” Nearly 20 years ago, Congress “enacted a law requiring” the NHTSA “to implement rules to improve the safety of car seats and boosters,” but the regulators “never enacted standards for side-impact tests for boosters and other car seats in such crashes.”

Eveflo has sold over 18 million Big Kid booster seats.

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