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McAllen, Texas is known as the City of Palms and is the 21st most populous city in Texas and the largest in Hidalgo County. Nearby Edinburg is the county seat and where the Hidalgo County Courthouse can be found. Highways 2 and 69 run through McAllen and Hidalgo County, and as a result of many auto accidents occurring on these busy highways, it is not uncommon for us to receive calls and inquiries from people looking for a car accident lawyer.

Here at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC, we handle a multitude of automotive cases including 18-wheeler accidents and other commercial vehicle accidents that have resulted in personal injury or damage to property. Personal injury lawsuits can happen for a plethora of reasons including texting and driving, driving under the influence, uninsured and inexperienced drivers, and of course, drivers that are simply negligent. If you have been involved in a car accident caused by any one of the various events above, or other, we urge you to contact the team at Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC and speak with our car accident lawyer, who is a  specialist in all facets of automotive law and personal injury lawsuits.

If You Are Involved In A Car Accident

Car accidents can be minor at best and deadly at worst. If you are involved in a car accident, there are several steps you should take before contacting your car wreck lawyer in McAllen, TX.

  1. Make sure all parties involved in the accident are okay and never leave the scene of an accident.
  2. If you or another person involved is injured, even minorly, call 911 and request emergency medical services to the scene promptly.
  3. Call the police and stay on the scene until they arrive. According to Texas law, you must file a report of the accident to the Texas Department of Transportation if you do not file a report with a police offer at the scene.
  4. Take pictures of the wreck and exchange personal information with all other parties. This step can be instrumental in getting you the compensation you deserve after an accident.
  5. Contact us at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. and speak to a car accident lawyer in McAllen, Texas. Your lawyer can help you navigate the complicated world of filing a personal injury lawsuit against another driver or can mediate negotiations with an insurance provider.

Our firm handles injuries caused by negligent drivers such as

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Do I Need A Car Accident Attorney?

In a perfect world, if you were injured in a car accident, the at-fault driver would confess to their insurance company and that insurance company would then reach out to you with a hefty settlement. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, even when insurance companies have an obligation to pay out settlements for at-fault drivers. Other times, the at-fault driver might be uninsured or there may be a dispute about who is at fault. In short, personal injury lawsuits surrounding car accidents are incredibly complicated. If there are serious injuries or death, a dispute over who is at fault, you receive a settlement that seems low, or you have any concerns about the logistics of compensation after a car wreck, then a car accident lawyer can help you navigate this situation and fight to ensure just compensation.

We handle Car Accidents on major McAllen roads including

  • Hwy 2
  • Hwy 69 (281)
  • Nolana
  • Pecan
  • Jackson
  • Sugar
  • McColl
  • Trenton
  • 10th
  • Bicentennial
  • 23rd
  • 2nd
  • Canton
  • and more

and Suburbs Such as

  • Mission
  • Pharr
  • Palmhurst
  • Alton
  • San Juan
  • Palmview
  • La Homa
  • Hidalgo

Let a McAllen Car Accident Lawyer Help

When you are injured or a loved one is killed due to the negligence of another driver, you have the right to compensation for injuries suffered and repercussions due to said injuries such as lost wages, loss of mobility, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and others.

Car accidents are always heavily scrutinized by insurance companies, making them reluctant to release to you sufficient funding for medical expenses and automotive repairs. In the interim, you may be struggling to pay your medical bills or losing wages due to being unable to work. With the help of a McAllen car accident attorney, you have a better chance of reaching a claim settlement that is worth its salt.

If you are interested in getting the money that you deserve, contact us at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC. Call our law offices to set up an appointment today. Call 1-888-HDZ-LAW-8. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Hablamos Espanol.

El Abogado Alejandro Hernandez

Durante más de 20 años, el abogado Alex R. Hernández Jr. ha estado ayudando a la gente de Texas a través de su habilidad y efectividad en la ley. Es un aclamado abogado litigante que ha dedicado su carrera a proteger con pasión y éxito los derechos de las personas en su comunidad. Su objetivo es representar a cada cliente como lo haría con su propia familia, con trabajo arduo, perseverancia y concentración. Alex ha sido ampliamente reconocido por sus habilidades legales, incluso al obtener la membresía en el Foro Million Dollar Advocates, un selecto grupo de abogados que representan menos del 1% de los abogados en todo el país. También ha sido calificado por AVVO, con una calificación de 10.0-Superb, y es miembro de la Texas Trial Lawyers Association, una asociación solo por invitación. El abogado Hernández y su firma son bilingües en español e inglés.

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