Monday Weather In El Paso Leads to Several Car and Truck Wrecks


The El Paso Police Department was busy responding to traffic crashes Monday.

It rained most of Monday December 9, 2019 in the El Paso area.

The weather made the roadways hazardous for drivers, especially those not used to driving in such weather.

Police said as of 11 p.m., they received 181 calls for car and truck crashes. Three semitrucks jackknifed in separate collisions; two of them happened in the same location along Interstate 10 East at Missouri and a third at I-10 West at Paisano. A fourth semitruck was involved in a crash along Rojas Drive.

Two deadly crashes reported; one along Raildroad Drive and another at the Loop 375 Interchange in east El Paso.

Weather can be a factor in car crashes but so can inexperienced semi truck drivers who haven’t had proper training for driving in such inclement weather.

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