Reasons a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Accept Your Case


The main reasons a lawyer will not accept your case vary from law firm to law firm but the reasons we won’t accept a personal injury case are the following:

There is no “crash” report

This is not always the case but that report can be important in establishing injury, damages, and liability and the fact that the accident even happened. There is no better proof to a jury that the accident happened than an actual crash report in an auto accident.

There may be a different report if there is a work related accident or other wrongful injury.

The Way The Accident Occurred or Your Rendition of the Crash

Sometimes the facts of the case depend on your own testimony of how the crash happened. The facts are an important determination on the ability for us to make a recovery, settle or get a jury verdict. Not everyone understands the law and how the law is applied in a car wreck. We look at all facts and sometimes find our own clients at fault for their wreck even when they think they are not.

There are No Injuries

Even though you have a wreck you may not have been injured. Good cases for our law firm are those with injuries. We normally do not accept cases without injuries. Not that we don’t accept cases with minor bodily injury, we just look at all clients case by case. We try and accept the best cases and if we accept yours we hope that it is one of our best cases.

You’ve Been Shopping Lawyers

When you come in and say that another lawyer denied your case so that’s why we are next in line doesn’t always have a vote of confidence for our firm to accept the case.  We know that there are many TV lawyers heck we are one of them, but when another lawyer has denied the case it is a pretty good indicator to us that there is something wrong with your case, not always but often.

The Actual Cost of Pursuing Your Case

When you come in demanding that the type of case you want to file before we look at it and determine the case it might get it us off to the wrong start.
Often clients come in with a different perception of who they need to go after. An airbag not going off may not be a determining factor in your case injury and whether to go after the manufacturer may be too cost prohibitive considering the damages and case facts. We can’t all sue Ford because the lights weren’t working in the other vehicle so you believe Ford is at fault. We may not see if that way.

Another factor may be that your medical bills are higher than the insurance policy allows i.e. client has a $500,000 medical bill for a $30,000 insurance policy.

That is why we offer free consultations on personal injury and car accident cases at our law firm.

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