Businesses Seek Liability Shield From Lawsuits Due To Coronavirus Restrictions


In continuing coverage, The Hill reports, “The business community is pressuring the White House and Congress to shield companies from lawsuits as they seek to reopen, setting up a politically charged battle as coronavirus restrictions around the country begin to ease.” According to The Hill, “As Congress considers more legislation to jolt the economy back to life, Democrats, labor unions and trial attorneys have voiced fierce opposition to a liability shield for employers,” but “top Republican lawmakers and the Trump administration appear eager to extend businesses of all sizes a layer of legal protection from any coronavirus-related litigation.” According to The Hill, “Legal experts say businesses could face a wide range of lawsuits related to the coronavirus, which has killed more than 58,000 people in the U.S. and sickened more than a million. The most likely plaintiffs would-be customers who contract the virus.” The Hill notes that AAJ “is among those going after proponents of the shields” and quotes AAJ CEO Linda Lipsen.

Our law firm has signed up businesses and individuals who have had their lives affected by coronavirus, some may be new law and new issues may arise.

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