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The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is accepting cases where clients have been injured due to the implant of the C-Qur Mesh.

C-QUR Mesh is for use in hernia repair, chest wall reconstruction, traumatic or surgical wounds, and other fascial surgical intervention procedures requiring reinforcement with a non-absorbable supportive material.

The C-QUR Mesh has been recalled and have been found to cause the following:
Infection: A very high rate of infections. Infection can remain dormant for months.
Rejection: An abnormally high rate of rejection.
Organ Perforation: A hole can form in an organ, such as the intestines, when coming in contact with parts of the C-Qur mesh.
Foreign Body Response: Inflammation and encapsulation of the foreign body (C-Qur mesh) with scar tissue.
Chronic Pain: A high rate of intense pain once implanted. Removal is necessary.
Additional Surgeries: Unfortunately, many clients have required multiple surgeries to remove the entire C-Qur mesh.
Rash: A rash covering the abdomen and other parts of the body. Rash disappears when C-Qur mesh removed.
Neurological Changes: Poor memory and concentration.
Dental Problems: Many patients who suffer from a chronic mesh infection develop severe dental problems. Many patients have lost all of their teeth.
Bowel Obstruction: Dense adhesions form connecting the C-Qur mesh to the bowel. Beware of a change in bowel habits.
Abnormal Liver Function: Many patients have had unexplained abnormal liver function test.

If you or a loved one has been injured by the C-QUR Atrium Mesh contact our office immediately. Call us 1-888-HDZ-LAW-8.

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