The Texan Gulf Coast is prone to hurricanes. Of all the forces of nature, hurricanes can be the most devastating because they bring with them the fury of wind and water, both. Hurricanes cause damage to life and property. Hurricane insurance offers cover against damage caused by hurricanes. However, when the time for honoring claims comes, many insurance companies choose to underpay, delay, or reject claims.

Unfair denial of hurricane insurance benefits is grounds for a bad faith insurance lawsuit that can help you obtain just compensation for the cover you have signed up for. Big hurricanes such as Ike, Sandy, and Katrina bring with them payment costs worth billions of dollars. Insurance companies try very hard to escape making such massive payments.

Why won’t your insurance company approve your hurricane claim?

Policy owners are not qualified to tackle tactics insurance companies deploy in matters of disputed claims for issues such as water damage, toxic mold, roof damage, structural damage, foundation repair, etc. Common excuses offered by insurance companies to deny your claim include attributing hurricane damage to other factors such as floods, waves, surface water, and tidal water. We know, because we are in the business of helping clients get fair compensation for hurricane damage.

If your property is near the coast, then the building is susceptible to storm surges. Even otherwise flash floods can cause intensive structural damage.

If you wish to gain accurate information about where you stand with respect to the claim you have submitted, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez can help you. We can represent you legally and help you work to get the claim money so that your financial and personal life comes back on track as early as possible. Sometimes, a lawsuit is not necessary. Based on our assessment of your case, it is possible that the insurance company may agree that it has erred and agree to pay the claim amount to avoid a litigation process.

Insurance law can be hard to decode and navigating a way out to arrive at an efficient solution that gets your claim reimbursed requires expertise and experience. We’ve got it.

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