A commercial truck company that operates out of Georgia, Industrial Transit Inc., has been ordered by U.S Safety Regulators to stop operations immediately. The company has been dubbed an “imminent hazard” because of the crash that it was involved in during the month of August.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency of the U.S. Transportation Department, Industrial Transit Inc. was in violation of a slew of safety rules and regulations that resulted in the deadly highway crash, which claimed one life. One woman died when air-bag propellants manufactured by Takata exploded because of the crash.

Takata, the beleaguered automotive supplier from Japan, has released a statement – “Takata has strict safety procedures relating to the transportation of its products that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and has not shipped material with this subcontractor since days following the incident, Takata will continue to work closely with the subcontractor and the appropriate authorities to investigate this incident and ensure that future shipments comply with all safety requirements and Takata’s own strict guidelines.”

The present owner of Industrial Transit was unaware of the safety laws that the company needed to obey. Vehicles were not maintained as required. Drivers were allowed to ply these heavy vehicles without appropriate licenses, and the company did not enforce a strict policy of testing drivers for drug and alcohol abuse.